Shalom/ שלום

Rabbi of Temple Akiba of Culver City, CA


Rabbi Shapiro is not only the spiritual leader at Temple Akiba, but has been a source of guidance, support, reflection and a good hug since 2006. A native of Boston, Rabbi Shapiro has lived in Los Angeles since his Ordination from HUC-JIR, Cincinnati in 1997. He met Ron Galperin that same year, and they were married in a religious ceremony in 2002, followed by a legal ceremony in 2008.

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2019 Holy Day Sermons

Pioneering the Road to Yes. Rosh HaShanah Eve 2019

What would happen if we faced life daring to move the stones - pioneering a road to yes when facing a resounding “no”?  Imagine, just imagine what our lives would look like if we could harness the strength to transform defeat into opportunity.

The Isaac Initiative. Rosh HaShanah Morning, 2019

Friends, we will not be Isaac that is put up for slaughter. Our people has felt more vulnerable now than we have in many, many, decades in this country. And while I don’t have a plan to end anti-Semitism or to broker Middle East peace, I do have a path forward for all of us. I call it “The Isaac Initiative.” It’s not enough for our people to survive. We have something to offer to world. It’s got to be more than a pride of what Jews have historically accomplished. The Isaac Initiative compels us to look to the future, beyond the current situation, so we can plant a seed for another generation that carries the torch.

Teach Your Children. Kol Nidre 2019

Teach them to pray to God. Find God in the synagogue and in the playground. Experience God at Yosemite or at the Opera or at Disneyland. Partner with God every time they do a mitzvah or participate in Tzeddakah. Be God’s eyes when they look at the earth from above and marvel at just how incredible it is. Be God’s feet when they march for Social Justice. Be God’s voice when they speak out against inequality. Be God’ hands when they feed the hungry. Be God’s soul when they give another person a hug.

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Rabbi Zach Shapiro